Vincent Fottre Amazing Cover Grace and the Story of how this incredible love would last a Lifetime

Duo Sciapò Live at Molly's Dublin Magical Music Moments Fantastic feed good performance Amazing

Audrey Fay with Seamus behind the scene again on Grafton Street Dublin Fantastic amazing short

Paddy Finnigan's Fantastic cover of Love is gonna find you Again from Grafton Street Dublin

Daniel Armstrong Music Brings us another amazing Song

Tilly Cripwell Amazing Busker Fantastic Voice and smile Short from Seamus on Grafton Street Dublin

Cranberries style Short with TIA Burke live behind the scene short with Seamus on Grafton Street

Filipe Colare Fantastic acoustic version of Stand by Me live from Grafton Street Dublin Ireland

Kyle LIONHART sings on Grafton Street a short from Seamus just keep getting better enjoy Friends

SOS by ABBA Fantastic cover by the Amazing Zoe Clarke live from Grafton Street Dublin Ireland

Another behind the scene on Grafton Street with Seamus Sweet Sixteen short by Audrey Fay

Amazing Cover of Grace by the Fantastic Kylabelle love summer on Grafton Street Dublin