Padraig Cahill & KK Lewis Cover of Falling Slowly Grafton Street

Jadyn Rylee Cover Mashup for Mentall Health Awareness

Padraig Cahill Cover of Someone You Loved from Grafton Street

Warrior Demi Lovato Julia Middleton Cover

Allie Sherlock Live on Grafton Street Cover Nobody Knows

Padraig Cahill joined by Jacob Koopman Cover of All Of Me Live Grafton S...

Muireann McDonnell Live Cover Of Purple Rain Grafton Street

Hailee Faith Squires 10 years old Cover of Your Looking At Country

David Owens Sleep Now in Live from Grafton Street

AJ Vicente Cover of Ocean by Hillsong

Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads Cover of Still Got The Blues

Sam Clifford Live Cover of Wonderwall on Grafton Street

Harry Fennel Live Cover of Creep from Grafton Street Dublin

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Jimmy Cotter Be Your Self Live from Grafton Street

KK Lewis Live Cover of Falling Slowly Dublins Molly's Corner

Jacob Koopman & Scott Carey Live Cover of Hallelujah Grafton Street

JackHughesMusic Cover of Broken Strings Live From Grafton Street

Can't Take My eyes of You Cover by Sofia Dí Marco Live from Grafton Street

Scott Carey Paul Jenkinson Live Cover of Closer Live on Grafton Street

Dylon Harcourt The Night We Met

Hailee Faith Squires Bluejeans Written by Jimmie Hyche Live

Breeze Redwine Antibullyng Song Courage

Allie Sherlock Live Cover of It Will Rain on Grafton Street

Boom Boom Andrei Cerbu and The Crossroads

The Emma Hardy Band Cover Runaround Town

Martin Mcdonnell Live Cover of Parting Glass on Grafton Street

An Orginal Song By Jimmy Cotter cause Live from Grafton Street

An Orginal Song By Paul Jenkinson Can't Help It Live on Grafton St

Sofía Di Marco Cover thank You Next Live at Molly's Corner

Buzz Apollo Music Cover of Thinking out Loud Grafton ST

Jacob Koopman & Scott Carey Live Cover of Perfect Grafton Street

Scott Carey & Paul Jenkinson Live Cover of I See Fire on Grafton Street

Stray Melody Live Cover of Video Killed The Radio Star

Allie Sherlock Cover of A Million Years Ago Cork Concert

KK Lewis Live Cover of Is That Alright Molly's Corner Dublin