OK Taught i better put in links to well as much as i can about MOB for anyone who might be new to the Network First i love Music and we like to help Artists that should be heard be heard and seen and promoted without been taking Advantage of or forced into joining a Cooperation they do not want to now we not saying anything bad about it we just like to help and give people a chance that other wise might not have the chance enough our Group and Net work is growing as is our Friend list and indeed we making friends all over the world who have been Amazing in helping Artists make it we are a community of music lovers who like good clean music of all kinds hope you do too : )

First lets give you the Links to most of our net work and then i will add a Video to enjoy





I am so glad you took the time to read and view my Blogs please enjoy and leave me a comment or a link to your music now here is the Video ive Decided to share with you all today : ) and its from my friend sina who also helps get people heard just love this Lady and her Dad Mike : )