Shape of you you by ed sheeren / cover by allie Sherlock

Allie has not sang a Country one yet lol but here is the list for this weekend keep on listening guys she is Awesome : )

Tune in Saturday to the (Al Atkinson) Al's Place Country Corner Show starting at 
14:00 PM EST                       
19:00 UK                               
20:00 Europe                          
21:00 Romania 
on The MÓB Radio at 

Ayla Lynn                              Stiletto's and Heartaches (Original)
Makayla Lynn                       Like Lightning- Love Can Make You Cry
Sarah Hardwig                      My Church  - Dirty Laundry
The Small Town Girls          Mind Your Manners (Original) - Small Town Girls (Original)

Brooke Eden                          Act Like You Don't - Sunday Mornin'              
Emily Brooke                          Girl Crush
Liddy Clark                             Humble and Kind
Ava Davis                               God Bless The Broken Road 
Callista Clark                           Baby Girl
Juna N Joey                            Love Me Like You Mean It   

Maggie Thompson                                Shotgun
Sarah Darling                        Home To Me
Alisan Porter                         Blue Bayou

Jadyn Rylee                             Jolene
Cassidy-Rae                          I Don't Wanna Live Forever               
Shelby Beth                             Tornado
Jenny Daniels                        Wherever You Are
AJ Lee Music                          The Man In The Middle
Kelsie May                             Young Love
Madeline Bales                        You're Lookin At Country
Mary Sarah                             I Fall To Pieces
Bryce Hitchcock                      Not So Perfect
Bailey Callahan                       Wide Open Spaces

Jordyn Lyn Pepper               Muckalee Creek Water
Sydney Mae Music                 Too Far From You
Summer Franklin                    Automatic
Sydney Lett                             Love Knows The Way
Arielle                                     Done

Emma Moore                         Paper Roses
Ciera MacKenzie                     Hell on Heels
Sami Cooke                           Crush On You
Kaylee Rutland                     Like My Mother Does
Brooklyn Roebuck Music    Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
EmiSunshine                         Back To Baton Rouge
2Steel Girls                             Lose My Mind

Abigail Taylor Music              Ain't My Problem
Alyssa Marie Coon Music    Sweet Home Alabama
Carly and Martina                   It Matters to Me
Celeste Kellogg                      Rock This Country
Emily Faith                            Flat On The Floor

Georgeta Constantin                Redneck Woman

Hannah Richardson             Happily Ever After
Jaiden Faith                           Dream With Me
Tatiana                                   I'll Get Over You

Maryellen Badea                     Cowboy Sweetheart

Molly Jeanne                           Mama Tried
Molly Rae                               Crazy
Maggie's Baugh                     Midnight Train - Midnight Train
Sami Murphy                        Utah Opening Act MashUp
Tori Hathaway                      Falling For You