Good Day For The Blues (Chi Might II); Sina feat. Emma Marie

This is Awesome really it is just Check it out you be Glad you did and this really is Emma Starting to shine even Brighter i loved this hands down the best in a long time xo Sina feat is going to do it again with this  Album no surprise there and dare i say even better than ever i am serious i was excited about this one but really am now over excited its just a pure work of Art its like a Super Collection of Super songs with Super singers and  Musicians all brought together with coordination and skill that makes Mike Wilbury and /crew  Masters  of Excellence brought to you in a feast  from all over the world onto one Album and Through You tube and then turning it into a Master piece a Collection of pure raw Music of all sorts for you ears its more than Fun its a Feast to be enjoyed by all wow :) this is going to be Big and Maybe Viral world wide OMG Emma what a song you Peach xo :) and this is only one of Many check it out get ready for it you will be hearing alot more from me About this Project ive even more news coming soon  . Love Love Love it .