Tara Jamieson Live Mix Covers Make you Feel My Love and Blank Space

Well we have just went over the Ten Thousand Subscribers yea ha and what better way to celebrate than my first Blog on Tara Jamieson Yea I know right what a lovely name esp with us Irish anyway I was so lucky to see Tara Performing and asked can I do some for you folks and she said yes and like 20 mins later I was like ok what is it about Grafton Street and Molly's corner like what a Joy it was to listen to this wonderful and I not Joking a really wonderful Human been from Canada yea I love people from Canada , its was not just her Magical singing sweet voice second to none on vocal control , omg like everyone loved her and yes me too , watch the Children Dancing and you will see waht I mean also there will be more From the Amazing Tara go Check her out its really a Cool You Tube Channel and Join Tara on her wonderful Journey and she shares it with you , Enjoy Folks and a very special Thank You To Tara and all the Artists on this Channel for there performances and big hugs to all our Subscribers OMG I Love You .