Saibh Skelly Covers Perfect By Ed Sheeran Live From Grafton Street Dublin

I was approached and asked was I her Dad I of course said no give the Kid a break I am her Granddad lol awe no seriously just a friend the Lady said never heard anyone sing so well with such little effort its so natural to her you just do not know how good she is omg no effort at all and still sound Amazing in all my years in music never heard anyone quite like her Amazing and walked off so I said to myself have to share this story with you all hope you are all well will make another short Video thanking you all for Subscribing its the last Day of the Month but I think we going to hit another 5k which might even hit it before this goes up so a big welcome to the family thank you so so much for Subscribing and this is Perfect by the Perfect Saibh Skelly Enjoy Folks
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