Jadyn Rylee & James Nickle Cover One To Many

Well Jadyn promised us a special one and we got one. Jadyn and her friend James Nickle have done a very nice song together and really this very cool smooth and telling song suits both party's I like this new Style yet keeping some of the Magic of the past Jadyn certainly will be keeping us very satisfied entertainment-wise with this sort of Standard and man this is as good as it gets we all expect a little extra superior from Jadyn who let's face it has already left us with life long amazing memories from more than a few songs but have a feeling Jadyn for now at least is out to express and impress rather than address I like this change because we are seeing Jadyn in a new light and it is as amazing as the old or should I say the Young still only 15 the Journey really has only begun hold on tight sorry James did not say much about you but let me say this you also were perfect and made the Video perfect as in a perfect fit but Jadyn to many will always be the one to watch and in this Video which I loved is no different Loving the Journey thank you for Sharing Enjoy Folks and have an Amazing Week