Hozier-Take Me To Church ,cover by TIANA

Take me to Church no frills no spills just pure ray energy a tone light but yet powerful when I heard TIANA was going to cover this song I smiled on the inside because I knew TIANA would read this different and her interpretation of it would be hers and of course, the musical interpretation of love is probably the best way to understand it on a universal basis as Tiana herself has ofter expressed to me is the invisible chain that connects us all together is music because no matter what language you speak is the only Language we all understand and the one thing we have in common so it only makes sense that love and music go together and this song is about Love 💜💜 and TIANA delivers the message with a beautiful style and smoothness that only she can I also love the way she sings to us all with her eyes thank you TIANA for sharing 💖and please Subscribe to TIANA it really is important to her and best way to show your love for her music Thank You.