Exclusive Interview with Maggie Dunne Melanie Williams about Fuzzbox and...

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melanie.jpg Vegan Vampire horror flick with Fuzzbox makes premiere on MOB Radio alongside the Manchester Diva Melanie Williams I must say it was a total delight having Fuzzbox on the show and Maggie Dunne was so eloquent in the way she put the concepts across in respect of the new material and collaboration with Melanie Williams and Hacienda classical favourites; Peter Hook and Angie Pollock, who incidentally have worked with The Lightning Seeds as well. “We were so into it. We are doing a live Fuzzbox broadcast and also one with the legendary singer Melanie Williams”. They will be performing songs from the forthcoming pinewood movie in conjunction with One Media IP entitled Vegan vampires from Zorg - Boasting of a soundtrack that consists of Blondie, Sex Pistols, Shane MacGowan, Hazel O’Connor, Wishbone Ash and many more - that alone should cause a bit of a rumble in the industry but I must say Fuzzbox have made a tremendous contribution, especially the collaboration with John Otway which I Heard about from Mike Craig who shot the video. Already getting rave reviews from its radio premiere the film is coming out on all formats including a coffin shaped box set with a scrapbook. Maggie Dunne has co-produced the whole project with Mike Bennett whose previous work includes Toyah Willcox, Fat White family, Sham 69, Gary Clail - On U Sound System and more coincidently, a lot of work with Melanie Williams so some great synergy and really looking forward to the forthcoming live events with Fuzzbox and Melanie, who is doing it from the comfort of her own luxurious studio in the Cheshire hills. Click see the latest Fuzzbox and Melanie Williams videos which are both featured in the spoof horror film which is being Art directed by Friedbanana who have worked with The Stranglers, The Blockheads, Bob Marley & The Wailers, C & C Music Factory to name but a few - so both artists are in good hands and look forward to working with them again imminently. I’ve seen the video myself and I’m giving Beauty five stars and with Melanie Williams and her track with Fat White family I am also awarding five stars because they are both totally brilliant and a joy to work with. Beauty - Fuzzbox https://vimeo.com/680490017 I am Mark E smith (with Melanie Williams) https://vimeo.com/580267117 The Healer: Melanie Williams Peter Hook https://youtu.be/WTzEM3-jehk More news on Melanie Williams and Fuzzbox’s New projects coming soon-watch this space! Seamus maggie-john.jpgfuzzbox-album.jpg