Mike Bennetts Freak Party Special from the Specials Unique Interview for...

Well told you it was coming now this is exclusive and information in this chat is not on the Radio so enjoy folks I will say this Christine Sugary and Neville Staple and indeed very special people I may have been busy but I loved the whole hour I hope you do too enjoy Folks :) and this is the Main Event next week on Louder than War Radio Full two hour show on From The Specials first Live broadcast on Thursday 28th at 7 PM on Mikes Freak Party Show From the Specials and then again Sunday 1st May at 4 PM and then you if you are not already will be a From the Specials fan Enjoy folks and please subscribe to the Channel as we will be bringing you amazing Talent and Exclusives like this remember you all are amazing stay well stay safe and be happy.

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