Grace VanderWaal Vignette

This for my Younger followers will be certainly share of the week listen who says Wisdom comes with Age it may for most but not for this very special Lady who by the way will stop and engage anyone who says hello how are you , even in the May hem which AGT brought she still took the time to talk to me . This is Grace been Grace we all forget that at 13 been a Super Star must not be easy but because she is so honest and has this amazing ability not to Judge well she always looks at the Negative but does not get stuck on it and certainly does not sugar coat it , Grace in my opinion is one of the sweetest kindest caring and sharing and yet straight up Honest and will call it as she sees it a very good Role Model for young people infact people of all ages however you will find she would disagree with what i just said , listen to her even though Grace is only 13 i already look up to her as one of the most insightful intelligent and warmest personalty to Hit mainstream Entertainment , Social Media loves her and we all love her for just been Grace VanderWaal​ First Blog of the year what a start xoxoxo : )