Evelina Rusu - C'est La Vie (Cover)

Ive been asked by my followers, to do a Blog on Evelina Rusu so here it is first she is a sensation on Youtube and esp on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiX1NyqK0b0 with heading for 36 Million views well check the Link also on Next Star 2.5 Million Views , and that not total that's on 2 Videos and although she is so young like I think she is Seven here is What Al Atkinson wrote about Rusu

Evelina the princess who shares her time between music, dance and modeling !!!
For six years the day of June 24 is a red one in the Rusu calendar. That's a lot of wishes and gifts, many guests and lots of goodwill, and "eloquent" of this euphoric state is Evelina, a little girl who melts you when you know her: beautiful, chic and a charming smile. "She came into our life as a holiday," says the girl's mother Natalia Rusu. "It is more perfect than I imagined, so good, intelligent, talented, ambitious and working, I think it is the child any parent would want."

Three years later they noticed that Eva had not only a musical hearing but also a very good voice for her age. And because it was difficult to make a choice between music and dance, parents decided to combine both, and chose the musical-choreographic studio "Musical Drops", artistic director Iulia Sandu, where Evelina already goes better than two years. He soon began singing lessons. It was a good choice because they recently recorded their first solo, "Felicita", which was an absolute success for Evelina. With this play, on April 28th, Evelina attended the Little Princess Festival and recorded a huge success, despite being the smallest competitor. Another challenge that this little princess faced was the television project "Stars in the Mirror".
Although it has a very promising beginning in the music world, Evelina does not stop here. She began to model the modelling, and his new passion brought him the experience of several gorges, the most important one being the Mimi Castle, where the Romanian designer Cătălin Botezatu was invited by honour.

Although she has a program of rehearsals, singing and scrolling hours, Evelina is always in the "Zone". "Whenever we come home after the rehearsals, Evelina asks me to repeat everything she has learned at home. She does everything with love and dedication, without being imposed by someone, "says Natalia. Even more, after kindergarten and rehearsal hours she finds time to play with the younger brother, hugs and compliments to parents and, of course, playtime.

The onomastics of the five-year-old will be honoured on her way to another peak of Everest, because even on her birthday Evelina goes to her first international music and dance contest in Bulgaria, where she hopes to come back with many trophies, Of course, memorable memories. Parents and loved ones wish the little princess a happy and colourful childhood in the colours of the rainbow, to remain as ambitious and working as possible, and to have as many valuable entries and prizes as possible. Leave it alone


  1. I can bet if there is a competition of innocence for all the kids of the world, Evelina will surely win that competition and will be awarded with a crown over her head because she is a princess a fairy and an angel


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