JadynRylee - Guardian Angel

This is a very deep song Jadyn i would love to sit down and talk to you about Guardian Angels indeed i hope to come and see you as soon as i can but with regard to this Lovely song your really telling us you know your Guardian Angle , and that every one has one i agree and  i like the way you sing she will do the best she can to protect you also very through  , Your core Fans are going to love this and to the fans i say this your listening to someone way beyond her years with the Guardians Guidance and Counsel of her parents and a soul well i believe that Jadyns is a white as snow and if its not she can make it so with one prayer think of it remember the Days i was telling the world Jadyn you do not want to miss and how Great she will be well 2017/2018  yes folks your listening to it right now :). 

Her Fans Male and Female   from Age 3 to 96 years old i mean really Jadyn has touched so many and with songs like this the her Following is going to Grow and Grow indeed a True Artist a light which brings hope a voice which raises the soul and a tone that Haunts the mind and a smile that would have saved the Titanic for the warmth coming from it would melt more than hearts xoxo Loved it DJ Shea Says Check it out you be Gald you did >.:)