The Beatles - Come Together(Gary Clark Jr.version); Cover by Maia Malancus

Want More Tune into Rock the House show on MOB Radio Today live at Five UK time thats .Maia is fast becoming a Rock Star but she can Act Dance Sing  and even Scare you :) esp with her Talent and serious potential to be whatever she wants to be i am really so Glad i work with Al Atkinson ive meet and worked with the most Amazing Artists ive Brought you Jadyn Tegan Jasmine Daria Hannah so many Sina 115 with a list twice that Maia is going to be and is a treat to behold cause she is right up there with the best i would even go as far to say Super Star in the making do not miss her if u can go check her out you be glad you did . O Maia has at least 3 songs in tonights Live show and it's  Rock pure Rock folks :). Maia Malancus your so good i putting you on our first page .