Jadyn Rylee - Voice Of Change

LOL Cool to see Juna N Joey in Video a few other Familiar Faces here too  , What a lovely song from the Amazing Jadyn Rylee lets face it Jadyn has become a Champion of sorts esp for her Generation and Guess mine too really i think all Gererations ? why well Jadyn took a Stand against Bullying with a clear message that they are not going to except that anymore  she sings of love Beauty  peace a Better world and now Jadyn is saying her Generation is the one to save it all and you know what with people like her in the world they just might . I know that Jadyn Rylee and her wonderful Family and friends has helped me keep my faith in Humanity now i know its a song and Jadyn is young but lets face it Jadyns songs hit you with messages that hit you with Truth but lift you up at the same time Jadyn Thank you for this wondrous Journey you have taken us on and you are a true Blessing to us all from Heaven xo not to mention you have an Amazing Voice i think that comes from Heaven as well xo :) DJ Shea loves this .