Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth) cover by Jadyn Rylee with Alyssa and Ainsley

OK First very Brave to sing this one the Little Drummer Boy was Written in 1941 , while Ian Fraser / Larry Grossman and Alan Kohan added the tune and Lyrics to Peace on Earth ESP for David Bowie and Bing Crosby I mean big Names real Legends right there and the song was An Amazing Success in 1982 esp for Bowie as he had left RCA and released it himself think it was his biggest hit and he had big ones its also my Favurate and yes ive said no one will ever do it Justise like them ive also said that some day Jadyn Rylee will be a Legend , and she is in very good company here this song was first Broadcasted in 1977 on the Bing Crosby Merry old Christmas Show it was Crosby Last Show and yes I am that old I think this May be the Best Cover and remember the Jacksons done one too that ive heard ever it sang to perfection if you close your Eyes your Listening to Angles if you open your Eyes your Looking at Angles , this is a song that is now Loved by the Americian Canadian and indeed the world over , You have done it proud and presented it very well I love it and I like your friends Jadyn , Alyssa and Ainsley are also very sweet singers Bing Would be Proud . I know I am very xoxoxo