Allie Sherlock Orginal song Equal Live from Grafton Street

Ok 2019 off to an Amazing Start loads of Gigs coming up but this one has me most excited After the Last one Brought the House down Allie is doing Another Headlining Gig and yes Dublin is the City Liberty Hall Dublin to be the Venue and Saturday the 9th March at 1900 to 2130 thats 7pm to 9.30pm so yes perfect for All ages and I will be at can not wait this is just going to be an Amazing Evening one thing I remember at the end of the last one everyone said I am so glad we came it was Amazing and it was Allie Was Awesome is Awesome and always will be something special Live see yea there link to tickets right here enjoy the song its An Orginal wrote by Allie her self xo tks Allie :)