Jacob Koopman & Scott Carey Live Cover of Hallelujah Grafton Street

I really should just have Blog Sections where each blog would be on a Certain Artist on a Certain Blog and update that blog every week what you think or would you guys just prefare me to keep doing this .Maybe this is better lol Great Song I always loved this song although the Gospel version is the one I wish you all would sing , this Jam just happened and there is a Marrage proprosal where a Young Lady asks Jacob to Marry her and on one Knee no Less I do hope she get to see this and also hope she is not married lol as for my Subscribers I know you guys love Moments like that so I left it in Actually I did not Edit this at all so enjoy and please Subscribe to both Artists as well they are Amazing and so are you all for Subscribing to us Thank You 3 things you can do for the Artist Like Follow Subscribe :) .