Elliot Moss - "Slip",cover by TIANA

Well I know that the song has a very deep meaning esp about mental and actually it is good we have become more aware of this but, to be honest, I got lost in the notes the tone and the fact TIANA is up close and personal with this one the Video Background is awesome in it suits the song and actually the mood but does not distract us from TIANA more than this we actually get to focus on TIANA who is, after all, performing the song we see her real beauty and hear her clear crisp tone her sharp yet subtle notes that carry the message perfectly and one thinks to himself I could chill to this song all day, I like what you did to this TIANA no fancy distractions or auto tones just pure real Natural and personal thank you am still listening and this is a special one you have a very pretty face a wonderful voice and a style that stands out in a very unique way last time I enjoyed a Video as much as this was Youngblood also by you