TIANA Thomas and DJ Shea Mix Fly on The Wall watch the End mind blowing ...

ou know I am in a very nice place where I get to meet what to me are wonderful people who have wonderful talents amazing personalities and are so hard working TIANA is certainly one of them and I feel very honored and even privileged to be able to bring you music from TIANA /Jadyn Rylee/ Emma Marie/ Emma Siegfried /LAJonny Starkesjust to name a few, thank you so much for watching Subscribing and much more to come from TIANA from them all this is Mainly for Buskers and New Artists and there is a new Radio Show two in fact to MOB Radio and TIANA Sister our host with the most will be doing one so expect a live from me telling you all about the exciting times Enjoy Folks and again thank you for making it possible without you the viewer Subscriber friend it would not be possible please keep watching
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