Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi Tribute by 13 yr olds Lucy Gowen and Emma ...

Well what can i say that i have not already said about these two Gems well this song is just there style Rock Chicks even though i do not like the term is the one i feel that right now suits them however its not all about Rock Emma has some song of her own and i am a big Fan of her an Admirer to cause she is a Talent that just has not been discovered yet she and Lucy are on my Rock hour show but would love to get them on Als shows well teh New Artist one anyway hint hint Al lol,.Lucy is just a Dream and knows that Guitar like the Back of her hand someone told me she can make it talk she has a note or 2 herself yes folks she can sing xo Lucy xo Emma Check them out Links Below





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Wow will update listen check these out you be Glad you did and thank you all for your support in 2017 o yea DJ Shea Digs this