Aviv Cohen joins our Jadyn to Bring you all Classic Ballad Rock in Dream on , "Dream On" is a power ballad by Aerosmith from their 1973 Debut Album , now i know from feed back from fans that whileJadyn has been producing songs alot of them are with Mini Pops , and while thats cool they really love Jadyn doing her thing now for you did you notice i said Power Ballad yes folks this packs a punch and i guess they new what they were doing cause if you really listen to this once i know you will listen to it again with a wow and big smile on your Face yes that good esp at 345 Jadyn turns it up here and you loyal fans who waited well this is worth it thats right Baby it worth it listen and be blown away : ).
First Video Dream on Second yes i also know esp with the young ones that they love Jadyn doing Pop well fear not i hear you say yea what about us well thats just what the songs name is and Jadyn again shines well Honestly what do you expect its Jadyn Rylee i find the best way to write a Review is to listen while i write and this is sweet so well sang the Video is well put together Mini Pops seem to get that right every time Job well done so enough from me Listen and Enjoy DJ Shea says you be glad you did .

Aviv Cohen and Jadyn Rylee a perfect combination i just love this xo

Jadyn Rylee MOB Radio Artist of the year 2018 Artist of the Month no less than five times last year on MOB and Al Atkinsons Artist of the Year 2018 Mini PoP Kids Star this Girl can Dance Sing Entertain but we are so happy when she does this Mad World is an old song but brought back to life in a big way by the Amazing Jadyn .Rick Benbow and Mike Wilbury in the team here do you know what i like most about Jadyn she will sing anything that she loves a song she will sing it this is one of many to come this year and really what a start DJ Shea says you do not want to miss this : )
Thank you to Rick Benbow for working out the wonderful music arrangement and to Mike Wilbury for his creativity putting this video together.