Mad World cover by Jadyn Rylee and big News

Jadyn Rylee MOB Radio Artist of the year 2018 Artist of the Month no less than five times last year on MOB and Al Atkinsons Artist of the Year 2018 Mini PoP Kids Star this Girl can Dance Sing Entertain but we are so happy when she does this Mad World is an old song but brought back to life in a big way by the Amazing Jadyn .Rick Benbow and Mike Wilbury in the team here do you know what i like most about Jadyn she will sing anything that she loves a song she will sing it this is one of many to come this year and really what a start DJ Shea says you do not want to miss this : )
Thank you to Rick Benbow for working out the wonderful music arrangement and to Mike Wilbury for his creativity putting this video together.

OK you heard it first right here Jadyn has a new Cover coming Thursday 22/02/2018 and let me tell you as a lover of music Dam folks this is good so good right to the bone good this is Jadyn Rylee good this is not to be missed you will listen to this all night long and i yes even i was surprised at just how well Jadyn took this on and delivered the goods with a Bang there you go knew i could do it Jadyn enjoyed doing this and we are hooked to the best Around/ 
Exciting Amazing Super Mega feel so Honored to be one of the rare ones to hear it one reason i love doing this its so good i stayed up Late last night listening to it over and over and over again people you are going to love this xoxoxo : ) Coming Soon i will really let go of what i want to say when it comes out no spoilers but trust me alot more to say and you will hear why :)