Courtney Hadwin: 13-Year-Old Golden Buzzer Winning Performance - America...

Am i going to say i told you so well i did but its not about that it all about someone who loves what they do and follows there dream and keeps going esp through the down times the hard times but this is certainly not one of the Downs no more Downs for our Courtney we love her UK loves her now the USA loves her  and soon the world will be your's  Courtz Boo Yaa xoxoxo :) this is an Awesome Performance :) .

My Dearest little friend Courtney Blew them Away and you know what i am so proud of you words are just not enough Courtney i knew your fans love you your MOB Army loves you now the world is going to love you well done Courtz Boo Yaa
Courtz as known on MOB Radio by her fans won them over not by singing the in songs of the month but by bringing them Blue songs Soul songs and an old soul in a young body is not something said to many but it has been said to Courtz by more than one is Courtney special o yes she is ive seen and heard her in Action when an Artist comes into live chat there is no one that gets the reaction Courtz gets yes Artists get a big reaction but its not the same as Courtz she treats her fans like Family its like they love her and her them for who they are and indeed has called them family even when Courtney is not in live chat if her songs comes on and even if its total quiet not when her song plays its Boo Yaa till the Song is over or more that is the Courtney Effect if you love something a little out of the ordinary and person with real personally then your going to love Courtney Hadwin  will keep yea all posted on her progress Boo Yaa.