Heaven's on Fire - KISS; Cover by Andreea Munteanu & Andrei Cerbu

Andrei Cerbu has to be one if not the most Exciting upcoming guys out there let me put it this way he has worked with at least 15 Artists i am Associated with very Cool but his work with Mike Wilbury  Sina  Rick Benbow and Co has been what he is most known for  well it is Mike Wilbury he is the most Heavily Featured Artist in our rock Show has a Rock presence world wide and not just in Rock Emma Marie yes his even worked with Emma on , Good Day for the Blues song is the Best ive heard in a Decade Blue that is , his latest songs with what can only be called exciting fun loving Artists out there now Andrei Cerbu  just seems to have the Magic touch on more than his Guitar i mean this song with  Andreea Munteanu is another top rock song done in the best poss able  way ., Andreea well is she not a Treat i mean this Lady owns Rock with that voice please give us more much more Andreea of course , this is all related or in part at least to the Chi- Might II Album in the making , need i say anymore well i want to this is the most exciting Album iv listened to so far Artists from all over the world different Genres have come together with Sina Andrei Mike Rick and co to make a Master piece if you liked the first one then you will just love this one cause no offense guys but you keep getting better and better at what you do ,and as for Andrei trust me his the String in this that keeps us all loving the best music he makes the Guitar sing talk Dance his going to be a Modern Legend all links below Enjoy your Journey with   Andrei Cerbu :)