Too Much Of A Good Thing (Chi Might II); Sina feat. Juna N Joey

Mike Wilbury ive been an admirer of Mike's for years and Sina well that young Lady is just Awesome  now we all know Juna N Joey from Als shows and ofcourse i am a big fan of the Brother Sister Act but what i really love about this group esp MIke and Sina is they have introduced me to Artists i yes i would have missed and let me Tell you i am so glad i did not like Andrei Cerbu is just Awesome and now sis to Sina Milena is in this as well and of course Rick Benbow the song  "Too Much Of A Good Thing is another one from Mike Added to the Chi-Might II Album due out in August OMG let me tell you its an Amazing one do not miss it and if you want more please buy it this is what music is really about new Fresh ideas amazing songs from Artists all over the Globe which are into serious good music and willing to have fun with it like this is the real Daal no make overs here no Loops as Sina would say and she is right this is pure Raw Energy of the best music brought to you using real Instruments coordinated by the best professionals and bringing you Amazing Artists from all over the world doing what they do best but doing it together under one Album this is going to be so Good Are you /Ready for it i am thank you Juna N Joey Mike Ben Sina Andrei and Milena and of Course Rick this song i love sit back and Enjoy . 

M and of Course Rick this song i love sit back and Enjoy .  

The amazing Collaboration of our Juna N Joey with Mike Wilbury's original song "Too Much Of A Good Thing with a great team of professionals, his daughters Sina-Drums and Milena D.. and the amazing Romanian guitarist Andrei Cerbu,and pianist Rick Benbow
Bravo all an amazing production