Cadence Justice Anti Bully Campaign

When I seen this on Jadyn's Page well who else I taught would step forward to Help Cadence but the Amazing Jadyn Rylee but Jadyn Rylee and Cadence are trying to help the situation by  making us aware of just how serious this problem is was and should not be really I think Jadyn voice of change and Inspiring songs with word like we are the chosen generation time to stand together and make the world a better place when I first seen Jadyn it was because a young Man called Aaron kept telling me you have to something really special about Jadyn and yes I seen it not just a Girl who likes to sing or another Amazing Artist but someone born to inspire other people to do better and we can . , We are all alive at the same time we can all be the chosen Generation this is not Jadyns Generation's problem its ours it a problem which has been around to long and we must all look at it and say what can we do about it , how can we stop this can we stop it do we really want to stop it cause if we do then it can be stopped over time Bullying can become nothing more than a Myth . Even by  means we never taught about like asking why does the bully Bully whats going on that he or she is so crule are they in turn been bullied Schools Parents and Society should in Gereral should work to end this lets Join Jadyn and people like her Cadence and anyone else who stands up and says all Bullying no matter where in work School or at play it must stop and we are going to stop it . Jadyn Rylee you have inspired me and more will come I personally will help just ask and I and MOB RADIO Network is at your disposal . also I am going to work Locally at helping stamp out this practise so all advice will be taken when I started to do this I had to learn Child Safty courses and Old and Vunerable courses why not have Anti Bullying Courses why not bring this in to the core of how we run society lets face it thats excatly where it needs to be dealt with and I think its time to Start to End this thank you Cadence and of course Jadyn Rylee who inspires Hope but also is just a Kid trying to understand why we do not do the right things when its so easy love and we as Adults must really understand we are getting it wrong but together with our Kids we can put it Right :)