Candance Justice Anti Bullying Campaign Featuring Jadyn Rylee & co

OK First of Todays Videos as I want to get Gary up as well this one is very Important you know when its a Kinda of a Cool thing or a Fab or the in thing at the Moment is what ever Like the Bucket Challenge was and after time they go out of fashion but some things should never be stopped like untill it Actually does what it set out to do as in this Campaign by a Young Model Candance Justice and our Chanpion Jadyn Rylee who has her supporters Jadyns Army on the March and a March that will not stop till Bullying Does Thank you girls for giving me the go Ahead to revive this Video cause MOB Radio is Part of Jadyns Army and we will be playing the music to that March its also enjoyable as the Feature song is yep you guessed it Don't Judge a Book By it Cover An Orginal song from our Jadyn xo and enjoy all hope yer having a great Christmas