Sorry for not talking to you guys but this is so good I just want to enjoy it Quate from Video , this is a real Critic someone who Actually knows what they are talking about Petra is one of them and prety Amazing when you stop this lady from Talking esp as its what she does she can sing too and noticed the Magic note which Jadyn hits to perfection but then seriously what else do you expect from our Jadyn Rylee , guys what Joy this young Lady has brought to the world and her bravery in dealing with and making hard issues Known and helping people to be aware of them , and I am going to say it because its the Truth one of the best moments in my life when I look back was the Intro to Jadyn and her Family Mum and Dad both Amazing people ohh there is so much more to come the tourch is lit but the real fire has not yet Started God Bless you Jadyn and thank you for the music Light and love you share with the world . Perta ssome day we have to have a chat I love the way you view these Videos and ur pure straight talk you got it Girl :) xo