Yvonne McNamara Covers Vienna

Well with us about to hit 36k Subscribers and really looking like 40k before End of April I taught why not bring Yvonnes New video which you can see on her channel too link right here in Comment to Celebrate and I think I will make a Video to have well kinda an update chat and thank You wonderful people for Supporting us and by doing so Artists are getting heard and seen, Thank You, Yvonne, is only Eleven let me tell you what I've learned from our little Chats Yvonne Loves all colours especially when painting but when it comes to clothes she wears it's Black and White, also loves all kind of Music, Country Classic and Pop are the ones she sings and really she can sing but all music is good for you also seem to love Tigers Yvonne I noticed when very busy and wanting to do well her stuff will still stop and talk to you with a smile on her face, and a warm heart she makes the time for others and just has a good heart, so even though Yvonne has a lot to carry really she also has the heart of a Lion 'em wonder if Yvonne likes them too Enjoy folks and Thank You all so much Stay well and Safe