Folsom Prison Blues & Way Down We Go Live MINI MIX From Padraig Cahill

Really am missing the community that has become family on Grafton Street between all the Buskers and the buzz that can only be found on Grafton Street it really is a very unique situation that has made the street Famous along with the shopping of course, but you also have a life living-learning process where Artists learn and show each other little tips on how to make a tune sound better the laughs where jokes are shared among friends bonds are forged and life long friendships have been made, I am lucky to be part of that and indeed Blessed with great friends like Mark Allie and Indeed now most everyone so yes indeed I am very lucky and sad not to be able to see them. Padraig is a wonderful Artist and a person just as wonderful here is two short songs for you today from Padraig and to you all thank you for sharing your Gift with us all here on this channel and I am so looking forward to seeing you all again soon Enjoy Folks