Tiana Cilibiu Covers The House of The Rising Sun Live

Sorry for late Comment today I am just not firing on all Cylinders or just feeling down whichever you prefer Tiana will be live this Sunday and I am looking forward to that also doing two Radio Shows this weekend so we got all that to look forward to the link to Sundays Live and Interactive  Show with Tiana  Hosted by Marc L Caron Co-hosts Wanda Ryan and DJ Shea yes I will be there as for this wonderful performance of the House Of The Rising Sun it is just a taste of things to come Enjoy Folks and please Stay Well Stay Safe  https://consciousevents.live/event/tiana/?fbclid=IwAR3o7pLrUav-fwNEsW8mqifMfeYg7fSX1UelcWnsGTaQ3x9KkQllZ64nVDk&cookieUUID=664f002d-5f3f-4cf4-a2ce-a0e5b5056930&affiliate=3