David Owens Live Cover Yellow by Cold Play from Grafton Street Dublin

David Owens on Grafton Street Dublin live over the last Number of years has become something of an Icon Unknown to himself a lot of people would expect David at certain times to be playing on Grafton Street and looked forward to seeing him with his warm smile and wonderful music right now Grafton Street is empty of all Buskers / Performers / and it as with a lot of things of late is just not the same can not wait for us all to get back and it should be sooner, in fact, they should be the first they are outdoors  and all practice social distancing and instructing the crowd to do the same thank you David and all of you for making Grafton Street a Living Legend  to the world for the best Buskers in the world and the cream of Irish talent all right there entertaining you as you shop hope to see you all soon and thank you all for sharing the Joy that your talent brings to the Street and to the world Enjoy Folks