LISA - 'MONEY', cover by TIANA

Love the moves the waistcoat the reversed psychology when TIANA sings we all love it, but when she sings and dances we adore her because this is her forte she makes even the simple moves look cool and talking about looking cool black and gold will never look old you got that from DJ Shea the wardrobe department which is Mum Corina never gets it wrong the style and what is now becoming the TIANA look almost a brand onto itself this by far is my fav, and yesterday I stated Gabriel her Dad had caught up with me and passed me by I then went further by saying us all by, because of the high Standard of videos he creates and now he steps it up again this is Holywood Style Video Graphics at a level where you can do no more but have a feeling Gabriel will have something to say about that this all makes for even more fun because you have TIANA singing Dancing and bringing us new concepts and her dad creating stunning Videos which leaves us all wondering what is coming next. šŸ’„
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