Bishop Briggs - Art of Survival (cover by TIANA)

If I was God I would be pretty impressed with myself for creating someone like you, the art of survival never have to worry about that LOL, you already are in a League of your own, love the moves we talked about singing and voices lately, and just listening to this I was thinking no I am in no hurry these are the best days of your life because you are learning about yourself and music, can not have one without the other when it comes to you, and you are sharing your journey with us who are lucky enough to have discovered you, I love Mondays even though { it is the busiest day } of the week [ it is the best Day of the week for Music ]. You really bring us and always have some great songs performed by you with your heart and soul put into them with no rush Job you leave out the frills and spills when time is against you, and just focus on a good performance and you sing to us as individual's, you make it as personal as you can, in truth your singing to us, not the Camera and with true feeling and we love you for it because you make it a very enjoyable and personal Moment yes love Mondays because we love you TIANA